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What it is

BatchResizer is a tool written in Java that converts and uploads your digital camera images from a directory in your filesystem. It focuses on a every-day upload so it performs the given tasks in only 3 clicks: you just have to choose which folder you want to publish.

How it works

  1. BatchResizer converts your digital camera images (*.jpg, and only *.jpg) to a given resoltion (configured by a config file).
  2. BatchResizer uploads the resized images via ftp or scp (configured by a config file).
  3. BatchResizer uploads an additional empty file (it's default name is: ./DO_ALBUM) afer all images were uploaded successfully.
  4. A cron script installed on a webserver recursivly polls (periodically) the directory configured by BatchResizer and looks for DO_ALBUM
  5. If the webserver's cronscript found a DO_ALBUM file it launches album (a thumbnail generator) to create a gallery (album) and deletes DO_ALBUM

BatchResizer is written in Java, so every Java 1.6 BatchResizer runs on every capable platform. For Windows Systems there are binary builds with an comfortable .exe-Installer.

Required preconditions

  • Java 1.6 (is included in Windows Installer Package or available at or below)

Optional preconditions

  • Putty SCP
  • Imagemagick Library (not a required precondition since v0.4)
  • Microsoft Windows XP or Windows Vista Explorer

Installation on Windows Systems

On Windows Systems:

Use the installer to install BatchResizer.

On non-Windows Systems:

copy batchResizer.jar to your favourite place and copy batchresizer.config.txt to your homedir.



1. Open your config file.

On Windows Systems: via Startmenu - BatchResizer - Open BatchResizers Config Directory.

On non-Windows Systems: edit batchresizer.config.txt in your home directory


2. Configure at least your FTP Account (the following parameters):






On Windows Systems:

Open Windows explorer, right click the folder you want to publish, use the drop-down menuitem "send to" and click on "batchResizer"

On non-Windows Systems:

java -jar batchResizer.jar <directoryName>





On Windows Systems:

Use the installer. It won't overwrite your config file if there already exists one in your homedir.

On non-Windows Systems.

Replace batchResizer.jar with the current version


The configuration file has to fit the application's format. If the format changes the application will not start and exit immediatly due to configuration version mismatch. Make sure you provide the application a current configuration - I'm sorry you have to do this on your own. The one and only config file resides in your homedir (c:\users\armin on my windows7 machine, /Users/armin/ on my Macs and /home/armin on one of my Linux box)




These links are set to the subversion repository.

Please use username: guest an password: gast to obtain the following files

Windows XP, Vista, 7 binary installer: download

latest build (jar file) for MacOS X, Linux and other java Plattforms: download (java -jar batchResizer.jar)

Source Files: download

SVN access for latest build:
or (username, password: see above)



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